Why is social media a MUST?

Social Media is no longer something your business can do without. Over 2.8 million people use the internet and 74% of all internet users use Social Media. Many of them are potential customers and they are all being targeted at this very moment. When it comes to generating leads, building your brand and increasing brand awareness, social media has no equal. Ok, so we agree Social Media is crucial for your business – but, it is time-consuming to manage, and it’s getting increasingly expensive to outsource as top notch agencies are exploiting the fact that you simply can’t afford to miss out any longer. Am I right?

This is where we come in.

What you can expect?

What we offer is a premium quality service at affordable prices. It’s simple as that. (No fancy catch phrase, no clever slogans just the simple truth.) What you get with us is a dedicated strategic partner. Your story is what’s the most important thing to us. We focus on getting your story out there and finding not just potential customers, but true, loyal followers of your idea. You’ll get a whole team of SM specialists, writers and graphic designers making this their mission.

How we help your business grow on social media:


Develop a strategy

Social Media Strategist will be assigned to you. Together with the team, he will create and implement a stellar social media strategy. We develop a strategy based on your company’s mission and story.

Email Marketing

Content Creation

We always create and post original content. We define the best way for your brand to
engage with your audience and create content in the manner that represents your brand’s voice.
We give them relevant content, we give value and we establish trust.
Every post that goes out on your social media channels is branded. Our graphic designers are using your colors and follow your visual concept to create high-quality posts that will best represent your brand’s image.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Account Management

Our team will take care of all your social profiles on a daily basis. .
If you still don’t have a page, we’ll design it for you.
We increase social traffic.
We create sales leads.

Our daily engagement includes:

• Posting unique content – Sharing the right ideas and content is crucial. And this is what we do best. We post content that generates engagement, but most importantly content that makes customers come back. We position you as an expert in your field.

• Social engagement – Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with your customers, so we give them quality content that drives engagement and interact with them. We like, tweet, share, comment and answer all their questions. We participate in groups and open communications. We listen and communicate.

• Follower growth – Real and relevant followers are what you need and this is what we will provide. We have a person responsible

For a one time set up fee, you’ll get to work with our branding expert and
create a unique online experience for your audience.

Find a Social Media Plan That Works For You

If you have any questions or concerns please schedule a call today.
We would love to connect.