Why Outsource Email Marketing Services?

Email is still number one when it comes to moving your leads further down the sales funnel. If done properly email marketing can and should be your number one sales channel. Managed email marketing services will help you reach more potential and existing clients at a lower cost. This requires time and skill.

Skill is expensive and time is priceless. Hiring an in-house marketing team to do this for you is always a good idea but it can cost a small fortune.

Low-cost, low-risk solution to employ skilled and highly experienced dedicated professional without the normal employment constraints. This should be a good enough reason.

What can you expect?

Email Marketing Strategist will be assigned to you with a whole team of designers and writers to support him. He will lead an experienced team in collaboration with an in-house representative from your business.

Together they’ll work out a strategy. The end goal is to open a dialog with your audience. A lead needs to be exposed to your brand messages 7 times before they turn into buyers. And that’s what we can do for you. We identify the readers needs and desires, keep them engaged and create trust and brand loyalty.

How we help your business to Generate Sales From Email Marketing:


• We prepare and design your campaigns from the ground up.
• We run the campaigns, progress is continuously monitored and a detailed report with improvement suggestions is provided.
• Conceptualize and create your mailer with contemporary design and crisp copy
• We take care of Newsletters, Email teasers, Product Lunch Campaigns, Blog Updates etc.
• We optimize your site for lead capture and we work with you on increasing your email list and using it to grow your sales and business.


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