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Best Facebook Contest Ideas

Facebook Contest Types

In my last post, I shared some tips on how to run a successful Facebook contest.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a complete list of types of a contest to give you some Facebook contest ideas.

So, here it is the complete guide to Facebook contest types with some tips on how to set them up, as well as some 2017 contest examples from around the web that I’ve found truly inspiring.

Like to win

This is where it all starts. This type of contests are widely spread because they’re easy to implement and don’t require a lot of effort in order to join. That’s why most marketers adopt this strategy – it’s most likely to succeed.

Simply create a post and ask people to like it.

You can use an image, link or just a phrase – Posts with images tend to get more interaction so this would be your best bet.

And since “video” is becoming more and more popular in 2018 you might want to consider using one for your Like to Win Contest, especially if you already have a video at your disposal.

Goal: Getting more likes

Tip: Post the name of the winner on your page and in the comments of the post.; that way you can tag the winner and make sure they get notified.

Here is an example:

Qwertee  – They sell limited edition t-shirts!

I’ve been following them for some time and I have to say these guys simply know how it’s done.

They’re running daily giveaways for some time now!

It’s very simple. All participants need to do, is like the post for a chance to win a free t-shirt. If they want to increase their chances of winning they can share the post and get 2 entry tickets or comment and get 3.

We have 2 examples.
One is from November 14  and the other is from November 15.

As you can see the first post has 1.1K likes, 48 shares and 54 comments, and the second 573 likes, 51 share, and 124 Comments. Qwertee has developed a way to drive likes and engagement on a daily basis.

Notice how the post ends. They are renouncing Fb in the first and Google in the second, from any responsibility ( This is what pros do to protect themselves )

Comment to win

Businesses turn to this type of contest not only because of reach but because Fb gives more weight to comments. As I mentioned before usually these types of posts are combined with like to win.

There’s no limit to creativity in these types of contests, as you can ask questions, ask for random comments etc.

These type of contests are great for boosting engagement – so if engagement is what you’re after this is the right approach for you.

Goal: Get more engagement on your Facebook page

Tip: These types of contests ask for a little more effort.
Not all are willing to leave a comment, that’s why your prize should be interesting enough and relevant to your audience

And here is one of my favorite contests. It’s easy fun!

The guys from LADbible nailed it.

comment to win

FYI LADBible is an entertainment website. Last winter they went LIVE on their fan page and asked people to help them melt the snowman!

What’s very interesting here is the incredibly creative use of the Facebook Live Feature! We can categorize this as Facebook Live Contest and a Comment to Win Contest both.

Usually, Live Contests are combined with “comment to win”. I’ll give you more detailed information on how to run Facebook Live Contest further down this post, so for now, let’s just focus on the comments.

Back to LADBible’s Snowman masterpiece. All people needed to do is comment with the fire emoji. For each and every comment on their contest post, they turned up the heat a little.

The person who gets the last hit, the last one who left a comment is the winner

There were people who actually commented more than once. Apparently, there are 441K people who wanted to take part in the melting of the snowman – that’s 441K comments!

They ended up with 27K reactions, 1.9K shares, and 2,012,142 views!

There you go. It’s fun, engaging, cleaver, interesting and very easy to participate,  you don’t even need to think about what to leave as a comment. Bravo!

Quiz contest

There are two ways of running a quiz contest

  1. Ask for the correct answer to a question.
  2. Ask an open-ended question that is designed to encourage a meaningful answer.

Quizzes are good because they give you the ability to target different goals.

Goal: You can use them to:

Promote a new product, service

Build brand awareness

Test your fans knowledge and gain valuable insights about their relationship with your brand

Educate your audience

Tip: If you’re using a quiz for promoting a new product or services it’s best to provide multiple answers from which your audience can choose.

The team behind Haagen-Dazs Bangalore – restaurant is using this strategy to engage in conversation with their fans, test their knowledge and at the same time promote their products

quiz contest

In order to enter the contest and win a free European fondue, you have to answer the question: Which brand of aromatic coffee you can find at Haaehen  – Dazs?

See what they’re doing? Only people who’ve been at the restaurant would know the answer. They’re giving advantage to their customers and motivate those who never visited them to come or visit their web and do a little research.

Fill in the blanks

These types of contests are far more interesting than like to win contests, and still simple enough. – Post an unfinished sentence and ask your fans to finish it. By asking them to share their own thoughts you’ll get comments and boost engagement and exposure.

It’s a good way of opening up a conversation on a particular subject even if it’s just for fun. You already know how crucial for your SM presence is to communicate with your customers.

Goal: Get comments & boost engagement

Tip: Use this contest to start a conversation about your brand. If done right, with this type of contest you can gather valuable information which you can then leverage further down your sales funnel. 

fill in the blank

They asked their customers to tell them which is their favorite product, for a chance to win 25 Kwick Trip gift card.

By doing this Kwick Trip not only boosted their engagement but they also gathered valuable information about their products popularity. The contest had 10K entries. That’s 10K people speaking about their favorite products – which works as social proof for quality and provides very valuable information.

Scoping into product popularity while getting a ton of “reviews” which they can use for their future marketing purposes as customer testimonials.

That’s how the pros do it!

Caption contest

This is one of the most interesting Facebook contest ideas. Entrants need to get creative. People tend to engage in this kind of contest for fun. To set a caption contest choose an image and ask people to write their caption.

Goal: Boost engagement, start a conversation, build brand awareness

Tip: Make it amusing! Encourage your fans to post funny or creative comments. If you like to go a step further, include one of your products/services in the photo. You’ll get some creative ideas and thoughts that you can use in the future.

Here’s a fun example:

American Kennel Club –  they’ re making the world a better place for ALL dogs!


It’s no mystery that photos with animals get a lot of attention. Especially if you have a business related to animals and a real reason to use this kind of images.

American Kennel Club’s audience are dog lovers so this contest is relevant to their brand and their fans and still interesting. I mean what DOG lover can resist writing a caption on that face?

Notice that the prize is also valuable for their audience. The BFF Dog Gift Pack from their shop is something every dog owner would find useful.

They got 4.7k comments.

Fan of the week

It’s up to you how you’ll choose your fan of the week. You can run it like a sweepstake or a photo contest.

If you decide to run a sweepstake give the title “fan of the week” to the most active user.

Unlike other types of sweepstake “fan of the week” winners are not randomly selected. Also, you need to set a relevant prize.

On the other hand, for a photo contest, you don’t even have to offer a prize. Choose a winner and publish his photo on your page making him your Fan of the Week.

Goal: Boost engagement,  build brand awareness, gather user-generated content

Tip: If you choose to run a photo contest ask your fans to send photos of them with your product. It’s nice way to self-promote. 


The Green Bay Packers have adopted this strategy for paying respect to their fans. Every week they ask their fans to submit a photo of themselves and at the end of the week, they announce the winner on their fan page.

The best is that the prize itself is “being a fan of the week” – you get your photo published on their page and that’s all.

That’s what happens when you treat your audience with respect and offer value.

I  bet you think it’s easy when you’re a big sports team or celebrity star, but trust me it can work for you too.  If you build a sincere relationship with your audience and find a way to make them feel appreciated they’ll be honored to participate, win and be you Fan Of The Week.

Vote to win contest

This is one of the most frequently used Facebook contests.
Again we have a low entry barrier here and then there is that appeal to vote and support what we believe is best.
This makes people feel important as it makes them feel like they are e a part of the decision-making process.

There are numerous ways of how you can do this type of contest.
You can simply give amusing voting options and create the contest just for fun.
Another good example would be to let your audience choose your next product or you can ask them to vote for their favorite existing product from your selection.

These type of Facebook contests are extremely useful for research purposes. You can gain valuable info on your audience, their relationship with your brand and products.

Goal:  Boost engagement, raise brand awareness, gather valuable info

Tip: Be very clear about the rules of the contest! Often people vote more than once thinking this increases their chances for winning. Decide on the limit of entries per participant and make them clear in the contest rules statement.

Vote to win

Best idea contest

The Facebook contest ideas are at the top of the leader, and here is why. They not only boost engagement, are fan and creativity but most importantly they are making your customers part of your story. When you let them get involved in the developing, creating or the decision making process they’re becoming a part of your brand. And we all want to be part of something great. That’s how a bond is created.

Ask your fans to share their wishes on what your next step should be or to help you come up with a name for your new product. People will appreciate that you care and you respect their opinion. What’s good about this type of contests is that you’ll end up with a few good ideas that you can use to improve your business. If you ask for Names for your new product, make sure you use the winning name!

Goal: Boost engagement, promote a product or service, build buzz for an upcoming event or product

Tip: If you want to go one step further ask people to vote for their favorite idea, the idea with the highest number of likes is the wins. Bear in mind, if you chose to give this power of decision-making to your audience you have to be ready to go through with it even if you do not like the outcome. 

The next contest was organized by Letterhead Fonts –  Handcrafted fonts for the Professional Artist!

These guys asked their fans to help them come up with a name for their new font. The prize, of course, was the Font itself. This is a smart way to promote their new font, get people to talk about it and make them anticipate.

And just for fan here’s another example. You may find this one a little odd, but hey everybody is using Facebook today. And if these guys can do it, you can do it too. I’m talking about the Rosenberg Police Department.


Photo contest

As I already mentioned images tend to get more engagement than any other content ( except video ). So this is maybe one of the best contests you can run, but it’s also harder to implement and it takes more effort from your followers; therefore think carefully before choosing to run a photo contest! There are two ways to conduct a photo contest.

You can ask fans to submit their photo and then randomly choose a winner, or create the contest so that the picture with most likes wins. People will vote for their favorite photo and the entrants will ask friends and family to vote for them. This can catch fire easily.

Goal: Gather user-generated contest, build brand awareness, boost engagement

Tip: You need to have a significant number of followers, but most importantly check the engagement rate, as sometimes you can have a lot of followers and not have enough engagement to run a successful photo contest. 

Ask for photos that are easy to take to maximize the number of entries.

Pro Tip: Choose a theme that’s related to your brand. Ex. Ask for photos of your followers with your product.

Fear None  Gear – High-Performance Motorcycle GEAR 

photo contest

An example of a successful photo contest. Fear None – High-Performance Motorcycle GEAR asked their followers to submit best bike photos. With bikers being their target audience this was piece of cake. And they ended up with some COOL bikers’ photos that they can use.

Video contest

Remember America’s Most funny homemade videos? That’s good recipe on how to run a successful video contest. Not gonna lie, video contest is complicated to run, not because it takes too much work to come up with an idea or set the contest, but because it requires a lot of effort from your followers.

If done right they could do magic for your brand. Nowadays, we all have phones with cameras and making a video is easy as taking a photo. “Video” is becoming more and more popular and it will definitely be the dominant content format in years to come. One of the biggest advantages of video contests is the potential to go viral.

Goals: Gather user-generated multimedia content, build up your YouTube channel, spread to multiple platforms, generate leads

Tip: Make sure you build your audience before you decide to run a video contest. Generate a unique hashtag. If your budget allows, use Facebook advertising.


War Robots asked their fans to submit a video of them playing the game. What’s good about this is that t’s very easy for users to participate. They’re already playing the game so all they have to do is record their best moment and share the YouTube link.

That’s why the contest was a success.

I’ll remind you once again not to make things too dificult for your followers. It’s not a university exam, it’s a contest and it should be fan

Facebook live contest

How would you run a Facebook Live Contest?

We’ve already seen one interesting example. If you can come up with a creative idea like LADBible you can use their approach. But let’s look at another use of this feature for your advantage.

If you’re running a podcast or a vlog this contest would be perfect for you. You’ll promote your contest and your podcast at the same time.

Announce that you’re going to publish the details for your contest in your live podcast and invite people to watch it in order to learn how they can enter. As I mentioned before usually these contest are combined with “comment to win” because comments are not too demanding. Remember the simplicity of Melt the snowman contest?

It’s up to you to choose the rules, but I would strongly recommend to keep it simple. You’re already asking your audience to watch your podcast, so don’t set another complicated barrier.

Goal: Promote your Podcast/vlog, boost engagement

Tip: Use your podcast to promote not only the contest, but an upcoming event, or a product release as well. If the video is not too long announce the rules for entering the contest at the end. That way you’ll keep your audience attention.

Live FB

This is how Fin Feather Fur Outfitters used FB live to organize their contest.
They announced in their post that their contest is happening LIVE – Now and that during the podcast they’ll give a keyword.  In order to win people needed to watch the video, find out what the keyword is and write it in the comments below.

The prize – Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars – product from their store.

The keyword – Vortex.

It’s a win-win. They not only shared the rules for participating, but they also promoted some upcoming events in their store – future contests, promotions, Black Friday etc.

As you can see it’s still easy to enter the contest. All you have to do is type  Vortex –  a fantastic way of promoting a brand or product. They got 14K comments. 14K people commented Vortex!!!

However, I’d do one think differently. I’d keep the keyword at the end – that way people must stay until the end if they want to win the prize. It’s a good strategy for keeping their attention!

You can see the contest here

Bonus idea

For all of you that love a good laugh, here is a bonus idea – organize GIF contest. GIFs are extremely popular and easy to make. Surprisingly people are more keen on making GIFs than videos, or even photos. Why? It’s very simple – FUN! FUN! FUN!

The rules are simple – you just ask for participants to submit a GIF that describes their emotion or a reaction related to the particular subject.

Goal: Boost engagement

Tip: Do not try to be serious when organizing this type of contest. Seriousness is not in the nature of GIF, so if humor is not the voice of your brand choose another type of contest. Remember even when you’re running an entertaining contest Like GIF contest it still has to be relevant to your audience.  


Shyndigz asked their fans how would react if they get a free dessert in order to get one. Of course they had to submit a GIF.  Simple, smart, fun and wait till you see the comments.

I hope I gave you some inspiration.

How about you? Do you have some interesting or inspiring Facebook Contest ideas that you’d like to share?
I would really like to hear them, so share your experience in the comments below.

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