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How To Pull Off A Last Minute Christmas Campaign

Last Minute Christmas Marketing Campaign

It’s time for Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

With just 10 days before Christmas, most of the companies have already launched their Christmas campaigns, taking advantage of the “Crazy Christmas Shopping Fever”.  If you’ve struggled with ideas and feel like you’ve missed out creating your Christmas campaign, don’t worry there are plenty of last-minute shoppers you can count on. The closer we get to Christmas the crazier it gets.

There’s still time for you to create and launch a Christmas campaign.
Now, you still need to make sure you do this right, so we decided to put together a quick manual for all of you that are late to the game this year.

Here’s our Last-Minute Christmas Campaign Manual.

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Christmas Treat 2017- Best Christmas Adverts so far

Best Christmas Adverts 2017
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It’s that time of the year when we have the chance to see some of the most magical and emotional Christmas adverts.

This year we’ve been treated with holiday joy, cheer, kindness, love, friendship, and magic. If you haven’t already seen these amazing Christmas marketing campaigns and Christmas Adverts here’s a roundup of the best so far!

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Best Facebook Contest Ideas

Facebook Contest Types
In my last post, I shared some tips on how to run a successful Facebook contest.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a complete list of types of a contest to give you some Facebook contest ideas.

So, here it is the complete guide to Facebook contest types with some tips on how to set them up, as well as some 2017 contest examples from around the web that I’ve found truly inspiring.

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