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Christmas Treat 2017- Best Christmas Adverts so far

Best Christmas Adverts 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It’s that time of the year when we have the chance to see some of the most magical and emotional Christmas adverts.

This year we’ve been treated with holiday joy, cheer, kindness, love, friendship, and magic. If you haven’t already seen these amazing Christmas marketing campaigns and Christmas Adverts here’s a roundup of the best so far!

EDEKA – “Christmas advert 2017”

In an apocalyptic world, a robot comes across an old Christmas movie.  Overwhelmed with loneliness he tries to find a human connection.  Finally, in the woods, he finds a family and gets a heart.

Aldi Christmas –  “Kevin the Carrot”

Remember Kevin the Carrot – Aldi’s hero from last year? Well, he’s back.  Awaken by a mysterious sound Kevin starts his quest for the Midnight Express Train where he finds true love at the dinner table. The film is set on the theme music from Tim Burton’s classic “Edward Scissorhands” and narrated by Jim Broadbent. The combination of the love story from “Edward Scissorhands” and the murder mystery from “Murder On The Orient Express” results with a truly unique Christmas tale.

You’ll simply love this.

Marks & Spencer – “Paddington and the Christmas visitor”

This year they have a true star in the leading role –  Paddington Bear! His Christmas adventure starts when he meets a burglar who he thinks is Santa Clause. The famous bear ends up saving Christmas from the modern day Grinch.

John Lewis Christmas –  “Moz the Monster”

Here’s the most anticipated ad of the year. Meet “Moz the Monster” who lives under a little’s boy bed in this wonderful tale of friendship.

BBC One Christmas –  “The supporting act”

BBC’s advert tells a heartbreaking father and daughter story that left a lot of viewers in tears.  This adorable advert focused on “coming together” for Christmas will melt your heart. Try not to cry! 

Asda – “Imaginarium”

Asda advert inspired by  Tim Burton’s movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”  takes us into the Imaginarium this Christmas. The film follows the adventure of a girl and her grandfather in the mysterious factory where the workers are producing magical Christmas treats.

Argos  – “Ready for take off”

Argos’s rocket-sleigh is ready to take off. This Christmas film takes us to a futuristic delivery center where Argos elves are helping Santa to deliver the presents super fast.

Heathrow – “It’s a wonderful flight”

Heatrow’s movie starring the Heathrow Bears, tells the story of  Edward and Doris over the past 50 years and their Christmas meetings at the airport. A wonderful tale about reuniting families for Christmas.

Waitrose – “Snowed In”

What if you got “Snowed In” and can’t make it to Christmas dinner? Waitrose has the answer. In their Christmas ad, a group of local villagers gets stuck in a pub when a snowstorm hits the village. Left with no other choice they have to organize a last minute Christmas dinner. The film is set at The Tan Hill Inn-Richmond which has been snowed in 50 times since 2005!

Boots – “Show them you know them”

Boots Christmas ad focuses on the relationship of two sisters. Starting today and going back to their childhood we see the special moments the sisters share through the years. The campaign theme “Show them you know them” celebrates the sisters’ relationship through sharing gifts chosen with thought.

Toys R Us –  “Geoffrey the part-time reindeer”

Geoffrey the part-time reindeer is the leading star of Toys R Us’s Christmas ad. When Santa steps by at “Toys R Us” to pick up the gifts something unexpected happens and Geoffrey the Giraffe gets a role in Santa’s Christmas Mission.

Sainsbury’s – “Every bit of Christmas”

Sainsbury’s sing-a-long ad featuring Kermit the Frog and Ricky Tomlinson brings the holiday spirit trough Christmas song that celebrates all the beautiful ways of celebrating from decorations in a shoe box to pigs, blankets, and terrible jumpers. So come on join the sing-a-long!

Audi -“Parking Lot”

Two dads one parking spot, a Christmas choir and a funny car chase. Audi’s Christmas campaign focuses on the most wonderful time of the year. Find out who wins the Christmas battle.

Apple – “Sway”

One of the most magical Christmas adverts this year Apple’s – “Sway”. Switching between dream and reality we follow  Lauren’s and Christopher’s  fairytale snow dance on the streets.

H&M  – “A magical holiday”

In this modern version of “Alice in Wonderland”, a little girl creates a black hole that plunges her in a parallel universe. She has to find the evil brother of Santa that stole all the Christmas gifts and teach him kindness in order to save Christmas.  – “Get More Out of Giving”

In this animated adventure, a girl tries to make a perfect Christmas by delivering gifts to all the people she loves.

Macy’s – “Lighthouse”. The Perfect Gift Brings People Together

In this film, a boy watches a Lighthouse where his friend lives. She has recently lost her mother. By using Morse code and a lamp he invites her to Christmas dinner. This emotional story reminds us that the perfect gift brings people together

Debenhams – “You Shall Find Your Fairytale Christmas”

Debenhams campaign “You Should Find Your Fairytale Christmas” is a makeover of the Cinderella story starring Ewan McGregor as the narrator.

Amazon  -“Give a little bit”

Amazon’s boxes come to life singing a holiday song in their Christmas advert for 2017.  The singing boxes are spreading the message of love around the world.

Tesco – “Everyone’s welcome”

Christmas is celebrated in different ways by different people. But there’s one thing in common  – The Turkey.

Farmers – “Secret Santa”

Farmers’s campaign shows that Christmas brings the best in every person. In their story, a grumpy old man becomes Secret Santa to his next-door neighbors.

Sky Cinema –  “Christmas advert 2017”

“Nothing brings people together like a movie on Christmas” is this year’s tagline for Sky Cinema’s Christmas campaign. The ad tells the story of a mother and daughter and the Christmases they spend together watching the iconic movie “The Sound of Music”

House of Fraser – “Bring Merry Back”

A look back on the past Christmases trough the eyes of two sisters. Bring Merry Back brings a nostalgic feeling for the happy festive times of the past.

Intu- “Guide to Christmassing”

Intu shows different types of  Christmas Shoppers with animated birds in their  Christmas adverts. Do you recognize yourself in one of the birds?

TalkTalk – “This is Christmas”

“This is Christmas” is shot in the style of a reality and tells a story about a real family and the small, ordinary moments that make Christmas.

McDonald’s –  “Christmas advert 2017”

The heroine of McDonald’s Christmas Campaign, a cute little girl goes trough the whole day keeping a carrot in her hand for Santa’s reindeer

Christmas adverts have become par of the Christmas tradition. We’ve seen a some truly amazing and deeply moving tales this year. What’s your favorite Christmas ad? Share it with us and help us spread the holiday spirit :)

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